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BUG Australia New Zealand guidebookBUG New Zealand (third edition) is a brilliant travel guide for anyone backpacking around New Zealand. It concentrates on giving honest and detailed up-to-date information and more in-depth reviews of backpackers’ hostels and youth hostels than any other guidebook. The guide also has comprehensive information on activities, sights and budget travel options.


BUG Australia (third edition) concentrates on the information that independent budget travellers really need. The guide doesn’t include information on motels, hotels and five-star resorts, giving more space for really detailed reviews of more hostels than any other guidebook.


So whether you’re learning to surf in Byron Bay, sailing in the Whitsunday Islands or picking mangoes in Kununurra, the BUG Australia (third edition) guide is the book to take you there.


BUG Australia (4th edition) features:

Most other travel guidebooks don't give you the information that you really need

Most travel guidebooks try to cater to everyone. They list fancy restaurants and posh resorts and also provide information on cheap hostels and everything in between. The problem with this is that you're left with a bulky guide that is full of mostly irrelevant information. Furthermore, most of the information you really need is left out to make room for more reviews of places you can't afford.


BUG is different. It is a guidebook just for backpackers -- young independent budget travellers just like yourself. You won't find any fancy hotels in a BUG guide, just backpackers' hostels and youth hostels, and lots of them. In fact, every single hostel that is open when the book is being researched is included in the BUG guide and the reviews are more detailed than you would find in competing guides.

With more detailed reviews of more hostels than any other guidebook, BUG really is the Backpackers' Ultimate Guide.

3rd edition available in November 2008

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BUG Australia New Zealand guidebookNew BUG New Zealand travel guidebook available soon
The 3rd edition of BUG's travel guidebook to New Zealand will be available in November 2008

BUG's new travel guidebook to New Zealand is packed full of practical information that budget travellers really need and features:

* BUG's exclusive star rating system to help you choose a great hostel at a glance
* Honest reviews of 496 backpackers' hostels and youth hostels all over New Zealand
  (that's more hostels than any other guidebook to New Zealand)
* 61 detailed and easy-to-read maps (all maps have been redrawn for the 3rd edition)

more detailed reviews of more hostels than any other guidebook, BUG really is the Backpacker's Ultimate Guide

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Here's what the press say about BUG guidebooks:


"this guide is packed with useful information and its thorough accommodation reviews and new hostel star rating system make it easy to choose where to stay, ... This guide is well writtenb and well researched"

The Observer (UK)

"For travellers who like to see the world but have a strict budget, the BUG guides are ideal. The Australia edition gives honest and detailed information and also provides reviews of backpackers' hostels and youth hostels... For pure information this guide is a helpful addition to the genre."

ABTA (the Association of British Travel Agents magazine; UK)

"Fancy discovering the extraordinary Great Barrier Reef, or like the sound of Cable Beach, one of the best beaches in the world, or attracted by the call of the outback but short on cash? If the answer is yes, then the BUG Australia guide is for you..."

Australian Outlook (UK)

"... its strength is its entries for backpacker accommodation and getting around by public transport"

The Dominion Post (NZ)

"For anyone who has waded through the screeds of type in some guidebooks and cursed its irrelevance and useless extra weight, the BUG guides will be a welcome breath of fresh travel air"

The Press (NZ)


360 pages
3rd edition (Nov 2008)
ISBN-13 978 1 74117 264 5
Produced by BUG Travel Publishing Pty Ltd for Explore Australia Publishing Pty Ltd