BUG travel guidebooks

BUG Travel Guidebooks

Most travel guidebooks don't give you the information that you really need

Most travel guidebooks try to cater to everyone. They list fancy restaurants and posh resorts and also provide information on cheap hostels and everything in between. The problem with this is that you're left with a bulky guide that is full of mostly irrelevant information. Furthermore, most of the information you really need is left out to make room for more reviews of places you can't afford.


BUG is different. It is a guidebook just for backpackers -- young independent budget travellers just like yourself. You won't find any fancy hotels in a BUG guide, just backpackers' hostels and youth hostels, and lots of them. In fact, every single hostel that is open when the book is being researched is included in the BUG guide and the reviews are more detailed than you would find in competing guides.

With more detailed reviews of more hostels than any other guidebook, BUG really is the Backpackers' Ultimate Guide.




What makes BUG unique?

BUG is focused on backpackers

BUG is committed to backpackers and our strong focus on independent budget travellers means that BUG guidebooks have more relevant information and are not weighed down with stuff you don't need.


While many other guidebook publishers have started out with books for backpackers, they have quickly abandoned this niche to produce more general guides that appeal to the more affluent traveller. Both Lonely Planet and Rough Guides have included listings of upmarket hotels for years and Let's Go has announced a move to cater to older and more conventional travellers. Guidebooks that cater to such a broad market lose their focus and grow to become huge tomes with up to a thousand pages of mostly irrelevant information.

BUG is more compact than other guides

BUG's books are smaller than other guides so travellers can bring along a book that is a useful resource rather than a burden. Smaller guides also cost less than competing guidebooks.

BUG has more detailed reviews of more hostels

Despite being a more compact book, BUG travel guides are packed full of useful information. In fact there is a lot more that's relevant to backpackers than in the big established guidebooks. BUG has more in depth reviews of more backpackers' hostels and youth hostels than any other guidebook. In most cases the reviews in BUG are much more comprehensive than in other guides.

BUG's star ratings make it easy to find a great hostel

Starting in 2004, BUG travel guides have featured BUG's exclusive star rating system, which makes it easy to find a great backpackers' hostel at a glance. Hostels have four different five-star ratings for different aspects of the hostel, plus an overall rating.

BUG has more detailed reviews of more hostels than any other travel guidebook

Because BUG focuses on providing information for backpackers, BUG guidebooks give travellers more reviews of hostels than any other travel guide. Not only does BUG publish more hostel reviews in its travel guides, but the reviews provdie much more detail than you would find in a Footprint, Lonely Planet or Rough Guide.


Refer to this sample review for an example of the in-depth accommodation reviews in a BUG travel guide: